Boot Camp Fall ’16

Our gym at Crawford Park

Our gym ceiling at Rye Town Park

Our gym floor at Rye Town Park

Boot Camp has a new time! 9-10am!

M/W/F Rye Town Park

Tues/Thurs Crawford Park, Rye Brook

Contact me for sign-up rates, but drop-ins are always welcome!  ($20)

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Happy New Year! (Ready to get back though, right?!)


Since you’ve seen enough memes about feeling fat on your Facebook feed, I thought I’d post a more inspiring picture! That sky, sea and sunshine is medicine for the soul!
New session starts tomorrow. A 6 week session running until February 12th.
Prices are:
3 days per week: $270
2 days per week: $200
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We’re back! (And have a few new arty Boot Campers!)

Boot Camp is back in session! Yay!

Two sessions this fall, each 7 weeks long:
Sep 16th – Oct 30th
Nov 3rd – Dec 18th

Prices the same for both sessions:
2 days per week – $240
Unlimited days per week – $310
Drop in – $20

Days as usual:
M/W/F/S, Rye Town Park, 9.15am
Tues/Th, Crawford Park, 9.15am (contact Julie for her weekend day)

So happy to be back and at how perfect the weather and park are right now. Let’s make the most most most of it!

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TV segment link!

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Spring update!

Very exciting week at Boot Camp with TV cameras there!  Hope to be able to include a link to the segment once it has aired!

Winter II session was TOUGH man! Is Spring finally here?! Please say it’s so.

Over Spring break we’ll have Boot Camp Monday and Wednesday at Rye Town Park and Tuesday and Thursday at Crawford Park. No classes on Friday or over the weekend.

New session starts Monday April 6th.

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Alert! All highs forecast to be above freezing!

And tides look favorable too. Hoping to say goodbye to the “blacktop” workouts soon!

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New session:Feb 23-March 27th

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Dedicated…100% crazy, but dedicated!

What do Boot Campers do when an historic storm is coming in? Other people head to the grocery store, we head to the beach!

The start of the storm

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Boot Camp is 6 years old!

Boot Campers celebrating with me on Friday!

On January 23rd 2009, a ridiculously cold day and ludicrous day to start an outdoor fitness business, Boot Camp was born!

First person across the car park?  NICKY! With a big hug and enthusiastic “WHAT A FANTASTIC IDEA!!”

Worst hangover that day? (And she said “yeah, don’t believe that stuff about Americans not drinking as much as us. They do.”) (Name withheld for the blog!)

Other lovely Expats who were so encouraging and, really,  responsible for giving me the confidence that this could work: Tracy, Gillian, Lisa, Cliona, too many to mention and many have left Rye since.

Honorable mentions among friends who showed up very early days to support and offer feedback: Ann, Bill, Dawn, and of course, Ellen and Andy, who talked (listened!) about Boot Camp, every weekend for about 4 months.

Honorable mentions among people who took a chance having never met me and now get medals for “longest-serving-who-didn’t-know-Lee-before” : Debbie and Maggie.

And of course, in a category of her own…JULIE!! I got a colleague! One that makes me strive to be better to live up to her high, high standards.

You all know you have your own honorable mention category….Boot Campers who: wrote me letters/testimonials; told the most shocking jokes (sx or otherwise); wiped their nose on other people’s shirts; drove injured Boot Campers home so I could teach my second class; dug a path through the snow-covered beach; supported each other through the dark, grumpy, powerless, beachless days of Hurricane Sandy…

The list goes on. Thank you all so so much!

Too much fun to be called either a job or a workout!

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Yes – we go ahead in all weather! Real feel today 1f!

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