First of all, who can I call to have all my questions answered?!

Lee on 914-473-3790. We love to answer questions one-to-one!

Where is Boot Camp held?

In Rye, we are at Rye Town Park. The parking lot is on the corner of Dearborn and Forest Aves. We generally work out on the beach in cooler weather and the grass on hotter weather.

In Rye Brook, we are in Crawford Park, Crawford Road, off North Ridge Street. Park just beyond the mansion.

Where do we meet?

We usually gather by the gate at Seaside Johnnies, although you’ll see people in the parking lot making their way over. If we are meeting somewhere different (although it’s always within the park) lee will send out a note the night before.

What should I bring?

On your first day, please bring the following two forms:

Health status Q

Informed consent

People bring 3-5lb hand weights, a mat or towel and plenty of water. Also remember sunglasses – it’s bright down on the sand!

Is there a charge for parking?

Parking is free most of the year, but in the summer Boot Campers at Rye Town Park pay a reduced fee of $2. And all of the year, parking is stress-free, unlike some other places you might work out!

I’ve heard Boot Camp is really hard…I’m nervous to try it!

Long-term Boot Campers will tell you Boot Camp is hard and it never gets easy because the more you come, the harder you are able to push yourself. Conversely though, it’s easy to go at your own pace – there are no mirrors and everyone is focussing on getting through their own workout – we guarantee no-one is looking at the “new-girl”, so take as long as you need on your water breaks and join back in when you are ready!

What if it rains?

If it rains we work out under the open-air pavilions. We still have plenty space there and get a great workout. The views of the sound on those days are great and we feel smug that we are the only people enjoying being outside that day!

In summer however, we do cancel for thunder storms.

What if it snows?

If school is cancelled, Boot Camp is cancelled, but other than that we are on, snow or not! The Winter of 2010-11 tested our mettle as regards snow! A kind Boot Camper dug out the steps for us early one morning after a big storm and my husband spent a Saturday digging a path to the shore, where the tide washes away the snow and we can still work out on the sand.

Click this link for a short movie of us in snow!1

When will I start to see results?

Boot Campers have told me they walk taller and have better posture in the first couple of weeks, because generally their core feels stronger after just a couple of classes. If you combine Boot Camp with a healthy eating plan you should be able to lose 10-12lbs in 6 weeks, which usually means 1-2 inches off both your waist and hips. More importantly you fitness will improve week by week and the results fitness test you complete at beginning and end of your session will amaze you!

Is the class co-Ed?

Yes. The times of the class tend to mean that it suits moms more than dads, but we do have some male Boot Campers, especially on a Saturday.

I’m pretty fit but just looking for a change in my routine. Will I find Boot Camp challenging enough?

Yes, and you’ll get even more out of it when your fitness is already high and you are able to push it fast across the sand!  Feedback has generally been that our style of training benefits people’s other sporting activities such as running and triathlons.

I think I might be embarrassed working out “in public”.

Most people when they come say the atmosphere at Boot Camp is far more welcoming and less intimidating than a traditional gym setting. Passers-by do stop to look at what we are up to and often give us an encouraging cheer.

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