Our Program

Lee Sandford, personal trainer and local mom, started Boot Camp in January 2009, confident that there were other women like her looking for a fun outdoor program which would push them harder and get them better results than other programs around. She was right! Boot Camp has gone from strength to strength and was awarded the Best of Rye 2011 commendation after just two years in business.

Boot Camp’s success lies in the results & changes that Boot Campers see, which Lee attributes to the following unique pillars of Boot Camp.

Creative and fresh
Boot Camp takes creative, up-to-date approach in making traditional drills and complex moves more fun and effective. A modern take on high intensity interval training, we go from running sand-hills to push-ups, doing box jumps to lifting sandbags, throwing medicine balls to slamming sledgehammers into the sand. No two workouts are ever the same, keeping your body challenged to the max every single time.

60% more calories per hour
Running in the sand, and on other natural terrain, has been proven to burn up to 60% more calories than running on the road, so even our warm-up jog along the sand is torching way more calories than when you are stuck on a treadmill, not to mention our trademark “10 o’clock run”. When other workout groups are hitting the mats at 45 minutes in, we are running at forced-pace in teams, doing suicide runs on the hill or doing sprint-out walk-backs!

Add in wheelbarrows in the soft sand or “rude-awakenings” on the hill and and you’ll know your calorie burn is through the roof!

Cutting-edge research and workout design
Strength and core work are key to increasing your metabolism and looking firm and toned, but all that hard work only shows if you keep your heart rate up for the entire hour, making your muscles work harder and maximizing calorie burn for the lean look we all strive for. We achieve this with varied protocols; moving quickly from cardio to strength moves, super-setting muscle-specific moves and our “secret-sauce” “ladders” which mix plyometric with isometric moves. Boot Camp by the Beach was one of the first workouts in the area to introduce the now popular Tabata protocol and it remains one of our signature mini-workouts.

Track your progress
Every session we have a new set of challenges in which we track our score or speed in a drill and watch our fitness improve throughout the session. This means people continue to push themselves, never accepting plateaus in their fitness journey.



Offers more value than any other program

You’ll join for the workout, you’ll be delighted when you see the results and you’ll stay with us long-term because there is so much more to Boot Camp than just an exceptional and effective workout:

-Fitness testing and body composition

-Free running group, helping you achieve your speed & distance goals. Boot Campers love to run, because it’s a great measure of progress and a proud moment when your family comes along to cheer you along in a race you never thought you’d do!

- Sense of community & friendship – we regularly have social events and one of our favorites is healthy cooking demos.

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