Boot Campers…in their own words…

Julie, left, in her first 5m run

I showed up to my first Boot Camp class nervous and intimidated not to mention freezing cold. As I struggled through the warm up, I asked myself what I had gotten myself into and wondered if I would actually make it through an entire hour. Within minutes I was loving it! While I still struggled I found myself having fun and was immediately inspired by Lee, who is an amazing motivator. After 6 weeks of Boot Camp I was finally on track and feeling great! I lost pounds and inches and felt that I was slowly regaining myself. For the first time in my life I was exercising consistently and loving it!   Boot Camp inspired me to take on more challenges:

  • In April 2010, I nervously signed up for the Rye Derby, a 5 mile run. The feeling I felt crossing that finish line is one that I will always remember. Who would have ever thought that I would run let alone love it!
  • In April 2011, I ran a Half Marathon in April 2011, in Central Park with an incredible group of women I met through Boot Camp.
  • In December 2011, I  qualified as a personal trainer and am more excited than ever to be bringing the Boot Camp experience to more people as Lee & I expand Boot Camp together to more towns!

Julie McGuire, Rye

Golda, left, with Lee, winter 2015

“After college, I had gained stubborn weight that I had difficulty burning off.  While I was pretty active and frequently went to the gym, I found the workouts mundane and ineffective. I decided to try Bootcamp by the Beach after reading wonderful reviews on the Internet and was pleasantly surprised that it met all of my expectations.  The workouts are engaging and interactive, incorporating a perfect balance of individual-paced work and team-paced work. While the scenery is beautiful and relaxing, the environment created by the other bootcamp members surpassed the beauty of nature; I have never met a more encouraging and friendly group of men and women. Everyone supports and pushes one another. The confidence you gain from your fellow members, coaches and hard work makes this bootcamp unlike any other. I encourage everyone to try this Westchester gem!” Golda Grabarnik, Scarsdale

Noreen doing Burpees on a foggy day at Boot Camp

“I started attending Book Camp mid July of 2011.  I just was done feeling tired… and with the recent loss of my Mother I really needed a change!
I have lost 20 pounds since then!!! I have changed my eating portions, totally cut out my sippy sip of my white wine, as well as most importantly, WHEN I eat.
It is so much easier to buy clothing, I have so much more energy, and I really surprised myself how much I LOVE going to Bootcamp.  I have other workout outlets such as Yoga, but keep Boot Camp as my base!
Thank you Lee for your support and getting a group of really nice people together for individual goals!Noreen Keegan, Rye Brook

Robin star-jumping for joy!

Since I started Boot Camp in May 2010, I have lost:

  • 18 pounds,
  • 2 dress sizes
  • 4 jeans sizes!

I am careful and watch what I eat, including portion sizes.  I eat lots of protein with salads, fruits and vegetables.  It has been a life changing experience.

I keep coming back because I see results.  My body is strong and lean.  I truly enjoy Lee and she is a wonderful motivator.  Everyone that comes to Lee’s Boot Camp gives each other support and praise. Boot Camp is a tough work out but it also provides a release from life’s daily hurdles. Robin Berlin, Rye Brook

Lindy in her first Boot Camp Fun Run!

About 4 years ago my cardiologist had me do an exercise stress test. I walked on the treadmill for barely 6 minutes and couldn’t really carry on a conversation only half-way in. I’ll never forget what he said to me after that pitiful performance “your heart is fine, but you need to exercise.” I took up walking and my fitness improved a bit. However, the big changes came when I started Boot Camp in Jan 2010. After 10 months of 2 day per week Boot Camp, I had another stress test – I made it over 11 minutes this time, walking on a steep incline at a very fast pace AND was able to carry on a conversation!! My doctor was blown away by how well did and said I’m in great shape!!

After a year of Boot Camp, I agreed to run in Lee’s Boot Camp 5 mile fun run just to see if I could do it. I did it!! Since then I’ve run 2 5ks, another 5 mile, a 10k and am training for a half marathon in the spring. There is no way I would have ever pushed myself hard enough on my own to start running and stay with it. I feel better than I have in years and I’ve finally gotten my weight stabilized!! AND I have met some fabulous people who have become great friends – while my dad was sick and I was traveling a lot, all of these fabulous people kept me from completely falling apart by helping me manage my stress. Thank you, Lee!!! Lindy Wolverton, Harrison

Shanna, right, lunging in the sun!

“Boot Camp by the beach is such a perfect way to not only workout with beautiful views, but to have fun with like-minded people who appreciate the outdoors and a great workout.  The past couple of years have been rough ones for me and my family and finding Lee, the camaraderie of great women and the Boot Camp workout has been medicine for my soul.

Every time I leave Lee’s class I feel happy, at peace, energized (and exhausted at the same time), thankful that I got my dose of fresh air, and ready to plow through the rest of my day knowing I did something great for myself that day!” Shanna Krizan, Port Chester

Jen elegantly showing off her gorgeous figure at her birthday bash!

Thank you for all you did to support me and help me to achieve my goal of 40 and fit!  Boot camp has made a big difference in my life.

Jen Morris, Rye

Tara, left and her cousin AmyApart from my son, you are the best thing that has happened to me this year Lee!
Tara, who is dedicated enough to come from Pelham to Rye for Boot Camp! Thanks Tara – a lovely compliment to receive at the end of a great year.

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